iN NEED Christian Counseling - About Us


Life is meant to be lived not suffered through. With Christ as our center, we are able to address issues that may have been stumbling blocks for years. Through assessment, we are able to design a counseling format unique to your needs.

Drugs and Alcohol

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, our "1 Day at a Time" Drug and Alcohol Program™ is for you. We will help you see how good life can be chemical free..


If you are suffering with depression, there are positive steps we will help you take so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle again.


Sometimes our life is dictated by choices of others, there are ways to overcome these obstacles created by someone else. Mental, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse leaves many deep scars and sometimes causes our lives to stop. It doesn't have to be this way. There really can be life on the other side of abuse.

Adolescent Support

Adolescents today face a world that most adults know very little about. There is a positive way to deal with issues even in today's world.

Marriage and Family Intervention

With divorce rates at an all time high, families as a whole need intervention to have healthy relations, in one home or two. There is life after divorce. Let us help you see how.


Life is too good to be stuck in unhappiness. God only wants good things for His children. Let us help you see your way out of any obstacle that is creating dysfunction in your life by way of the light in our Lord, Jesus Christ! He is no respecter of persons and His promises are true for all of us.