iN NEED Christian Counseling - Donations


We are praising the Lord for what He's doing while also realizing we have a major need for a new building. God's word tells us to be good stewards of the blessings He provides. In my heart I know He has much more in store for this ministry. To date we have touched hundreds of lives and seen marriages and families restored, drug addicts freed from addiction, people delivered from bondages of depression, anxiety, and abuse. We have been able to help many children and countless teenagers who were feeling lost or without hope. We have supplied food to the physically hungry and Bibles to nourish their souls to anyone that has expressed a need. Unfortunately, there are multitudes of hurting people that still need to be helped!


Our faith building project is called "Buy-a-Brick". Our faith for the goal is to allow you to purchase bricks in memory or honor of loved ones, family members, or even yourself.


The different levels of giving are as follows:

Diamond 1000 bricks $100,000 Phone Office
Pearl 500 bricks $50,000 Phone Office
Ruby 200 bricks $25,000 Phone Office
Garnet 100 bricks $10,000
Jasper 50 bricks $5,000
Emerald 25 bricks $2,500
Onyx 10 bricks $1,000
Quartz 5 bricks $500
Topaz 4 bricks $400
Amethyst 3 bricks $300
Sapphire 2 bricks $200
Crystal 1 brick $100