iN NEED Christian Counseling - Testimonials

January 16, 1992 was the beginning of a new life for me.  I had just married the man of my dreams, I had a beautiful little girl, and I was beginning my senior year at Lamar University.  At 6:48 am that dream turned into the darkest nightmare that would haunt my life for the next seventeen years.  Because on January 16, 1992 at 6:48am, I hit and killed a kindergarten student trying to catch her bus.  That hour I entered a world of darkness that I thought would never leave.  Life went on around me but I was in a state of suspension.  I knew God had a plan for me, but I just couldn't find Him in the darkness.  Thankfully, someone steered me to Laurie Smith and In Need Christian Counseling.  With her guidance, I have found a way out of the darkness.  She has helped me light my torch and step onto the path God has set before me.  The last seventeen years have been a training ground. Now, with the tools Laurie has taught me, I am ready to use my experiences to the benefit of God's children.

Becky - age 45


My path crossed with INCC and Laurie Smith several months ago during a crisis in my life. On the outside, I looked like a successful person, but on the inside my world was closing in on me.  I found INCC by God's Intervention Plan.  It started by the Blue Sign I saw in front of the office, as I drove back and forth to work.  I pulled my car off the road one morning when I reached a point when I knew enough was enough.  I wrote down the phone number that day and made an appointment.  I committed to 14 weeks with INCC and it has changed my life!  God brought INCC in my life to bring clarity, understanding, and peace.  Her guidance helped me to understand myself better.  I also gained new friendships. Thank you again.

Paula - age 55


In Need Christian Counseling and it's staff have been such blessings from God and an answered prayer in my life. Laurie has taken the time to listen to me and see right where we should start.  I needed direction in my life, to learn how to FORGIVE and stop self-mutilating.  The best thing about INCC is that everthing is biblical; nothing is done without prayer or without the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you INCC for all the support, encouragement and prayer.

Beth - age 24


"In Need" has helped me to get closer to my family.  To understand that my home is a place I can go to feel safe and secure.  I've learned to understand my walk with God and who I am in Christ.  I now understand that there is a higher calling on my life and that I've been called to be a leader, to use my God given talent and gifts.  I now know that if I'm obedient to His will, he will open the doors.

Evelyn - age 17


I told a close friend last year that I was feeling lost and very depressed, she gave me the number to INCC and assured me that they could help me.  Almost immediately Laurie knew that a lot of my depression was the result of having gone through abuse which had subsequently caused me to set geographical boundaries for myself.  I had set up a "safe area."  It was very traumatic for me to travel out of this "safe area."  With her understanding and her giving me the tools that I so needed, I have now, on many occasions, traveled beyond those "walls" and feel nothing but pleasure and FREEDOM!  In eight short months of counseling and with the help of the Lord, I am getting past what has haunted me for over twenty years.  "Do not fear, for I am with you.  Be not dismayed, for I am your Lord."  Laurie had me type this verse and tape it to the dashboard of my car.  I walk on a path with our Lord and feel so free now.

Cindy - Age 48


"My husband and I were led to In Need Christian Counseling during a difficult time in our marriage. The Lord used this ministry to speak to us and reach us while we were struggling. Time after time I was amazed at how the Lord used INCC to counsel us with biblical foundations and scripture and minister to our needs. Not only did we receive healing and restoration in our marriage, we received a new sense of hope and purpose for what God has in store for our future! Just like what Psalm 121 says,"'I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord - the maker of heaven and earth! God has used In Need to help and minister to us during our time of need. The Lord's hand is upon this ministry and these counselors - my marriage is a testimony to that!"

Brad - age 34
Kori - age 33